WTS 2x Gallente Level 5 pullers

(doyouknow themufinman) #1

Title says, wts 2x gallente/minimitar level 5 missions pullers

No kill rights
Postive wallet all that jazz.
will be in Jita at the time of the sale, will also be in npc corp at time of sale



Prefer bids here. 10bill b/o for each.

(Heleneti) #2

I am for sale.

(Liam Karnwield) #3

I’ll offer/bid 11 bil total for both.

(Indigosia) #4

Just a FYI, they need to be in NPC Corp.

(Heleneti) #5

Yeh they will be at time of sale!

(TheLastKingOfScotland) #6

7.5bn offer for ‘doyouknow themuffinman’

(Heleneti) #7

Both are in NPC corps now. Thankyou for the bids, i’ll leave it up for another day, and if no more bids i’ll be happy ot sell for 7.5

(Heleneti) #8

Bed time bump

Buying All Toons at the best prices INSTANT ISK :dollar:
(Heleneti) #9

Accepting 8b in game offer from tavi.

(Raynor Aileron) #10

isk sent to doyouknow themufinman along with account to transfer to

(Heleneti) #11

Transfer initiated. - Heleneti also now has Cybernetics V

(Heleneti) #12

Bump again

(Heleneti) #13


(Heleneti) #14

Bump Still trying to sell me

(Pia Sweet) #15

6.1b for Heleneti

(Pia Sweet) #16

Confirming agreed buy out, ISK and account name sent


(Heleneti) #17

Accepted, look i tried ok

(Pia Sweet) #18

confirming ISK and account name sent as agreed


(Heleneti) #19

Got em both, support ticket for the transfer is in

(system) #20

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