SOLD WTS Gallente Minmatar Puller was FW 5.75m

Hi, disconected lately for work reasons.

I not need more my gallente puller
without connections :
Minmatar Republic 6.8358
Gallente Federation 6.0058

As you can see is strong in cybernetics (you can put the rest of the 250k here), and can function as locator.

If i not get a good offer today, I go to stay outside my work area tomorrow, then i hear offers between now and friday. Not Buy out or price in my mind.

please answer the thread, not reading eve mail in any char.

Is in high sec
positive wallet
no kill rights

all ccp rules apply.

I am for sale.

3.5b offered

5b b/o

5.1 bil


Send the 5.5b and i transfer in Five minutes.

isk and acc name sent

Tramnnsfer was done one moment ago, please confirm when received the eve mail.

got the mail!

Thanks for the business.

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