WTS Lvl 5 Mission Puller Minmatar (nearly Gallente)

(viscaal) #1


Has all the appropriated Lvl5 skills in Social.

Location: Gulmorogod (agent location, 1.85 standing)
Minmatar standing: 7.42
Gallente standing: 6.94

Wallet balance: 1.000.000
No killrights
No jumpclones

Looking at bids starting from 5bil and up.


(William Hartas) #2

i offer 5b

(BPC Guy) #3

5.5b offer

(viscaal) #4

Thank you for your offers, if one of you considers 7b i’ll go straight to a b/o.

(BPC Guy) #5

i can do that

(viscaal) #6

If you send the isk and account details, i’ll initiate the transfer right away.

(BPC Guy) #7

am at work for a few more hours but will do it when i get home for sure

(viscaal) #8

Sure, take your time.

(BPC Guy) #9

sending isk and mail now

(viscaal) #10

Isk and accountdetails recieved, intiating transfer.

(BPC Guy) #11


thank you o/

(system) #12

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