WTS Gal/Min/SoE Mission Puller (Level 5)

I am selling myself.


My standings are sufficient to pull Level 5 minmatar and Gallente Level 5 missions.
Also ORE and SOE standings as a bonus.

I will accept offers and will sell when I reach a price I am happy with. I will not sell for the SP value alone.

I have a positive sec status and am located in an NPC station in Jita.

I have no kill rights active on me.
I am in an NPC corp.

Lastly I will pay the transfer fee.

EDIT - I have extracted him down to 5.1mil SP now. Selling him for 6.5bil b/o based on possible earnings via standings.

7B b/o

I would sell for that if I extract him down to 5mil SP

8b b/o

Make it 10bil and I can start the transfer now.

Still looking to sell

Now located in Jita

Still for sale.


I’ve extracted some SP down to 5.1mil now. Buy out is 8bil for level 5 missions with gallente and minmatar.

You want 8b for a character with 5.1m SP or am I reading this wrong?

For the standings for 2 different factions of Level 5 missions. Not for the SP so clearly you did read it wrong.

On no planet ever is that worth 3b+ - there’s a reason nobody is commenting or offering anything here. Good luck.

Thanks for your input. Seeing as I only added the price 7 minutes ago I think I’ll leave it a little longer before changing anything.

Back to the top. Open to offers on the price.

Still selling buyout lowered to 7 bil

i will buy 7b b/o

I have to go to work shortly. If you send the ISK and account name today I can start the transfer after 17:00 eve time. Or if your around in the next 30mins

@Miner_Kitty01 I’m on now and in game to start the transfer when I receive the ISK.

No response from the last bidder so still for sale

6,5b B/O