WTS Gallente Level 5 Mission puller

(Talking Bacon) #1

7.0+ Gallente Federation standings
Decent Socail Skills

EvEBoard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Talking_Bacon
PW: 4321

Looking for 7bill starting bid.
Will take 9 Bill B/O

(Talking Bacon) #2

bump 1

(Abannan) #3

edit to 8b b/o character does not have 7.0 gallente standings mail me

(Talking Bacon) #4

I’m not sure why eveboard is saying the standings are at 6.40. I have been useing this character to pull missions for months. In game it says I have 7.12. I will see if I can update it or something

Here is a screen shot.

(Talking Bacon) #5

bump 2

(Markus Jameson) #6

One is the raw standings & the other effective standings after Social skills have kicked in perhaps?

(Talking Bacon) #7

Yeah that sounds likely, thanks.

(Sabrina Starlight) #8

5 bil b/o

(Talking Bacon) #9


(Sabrina Starlight) #10

Send to Devin3384

(Talking Bacon) #11

Done <3

(system) #12

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