WTS GALL lvl5 mission puller

(Colonel Mo) #1

Nothing special access to gallente lvl5 mission (gallente faction 7+)
average Social skills

All CCP rules
No kill rights
Positive wallet
4-4 will be atm of trade
Ill use plex transfer
In my own corp, can leave anytime

b/o 5.5b

Price is not negotiable, if you agree - send isk and account name + confirm here, ill transfer

(Reavan Beldrulf) #2


(Colonel Mo) #3

As i said nothing speciall
7+ standing to gallente(modified)
Connections Level 4
Diplomacy Level 5
Negotiation Level 4
Security C Level 4
Social Level 5

(S'totan) #4

Effective Standing = Unadjusted Standing + ((Maximum Possible Standing - Unadjusted Standing) * Connections Modifier * Connections Skill Level)
So if your current base standing was 5.9 and you have the connections skill at level four your effective standing is:
5.9 +((10-5.9)*0.04 x 4)=6.556

This toon cannot pull Gallente LVL 5s.

(Colonel Mo) #5

For gent below, that dont trust people, kek http://eveboard.com/pilot/Colonel_Mo/standings

(S'totan) #6

So maybe you should link something that correctly reflects the character on a forum which rules state you are required to do so…

(Colonel Mo) #7

New day sort things out. Eveboard updated.
All forum rules now followed :face_with_monocle:

(Colonel Mo) #8

Lvl5 missions cant wait for too long, char is ready to pull Gallente

(Colonel Mo) #9

Still looking for new owner, 7+ faction standing

(Reavan Beldrulf) #10

ill meet your B/O

(Colonel Mo) #11

Ok send isk and account name, I will petition to transfer.

(Reavan Beldrulf) #12

ISK and acct info sent

(Colonel Mo) #13

All received, petitioned to transfer. Thanks for deal and good luck with missions

(Reavan Beldrulf) #14

Will do just post when the transfer starts please

(Reavan Beldrulf) #15

Character Received

(system) #16

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