SOLD 7M SP covert, recon, Cyno5, Gallente L1 to L5 mission puller

Lily Pond

Gallente mission puller, cyno, scout.



Iteron V

Standings Highlights
taken from Eve character sheet in game as Eveskillboard doesn’t appear to take skills into account!
Gallente +7.19 (Level 5)
Minmatar +6.76
Sisters of Eve +7.59

Slots 1-5 with limited-beta upgrades
1 x empty jump clone

No kill rights.
All meaningful assets will be stripped.
ISK will be minimally positive or zero.
Character (and clone) can be delivered to any high-sec system with an npc station that I can access. If you do not state a station it will be left at a high-sec station in Verge Vendor.

Minmatar Cruiser 5
Minmatar Frigate 5
Spaceship Command 5
Covert Ops 4
Recon Ships 4

Cynosural Field Theory 5

CPU Management 5
Electronics Upgrades 5

Diplomacy 5
Security Connections 5
Social 5

Asking 4.5B B/O

Il do Buyout, need a probe alt.

Ping me confirmation and il send isk and details etc.

Confirming buyout. Good start for probe alt but will need some work on the actual scanning skills (they’re not that hard anyway). Will address this tomorrow as very late here.

isk and details sent


Thanks. Confirming receipt of ISK. Moving toward finalising transaction.

Transfer initiated as requested in game.

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