SOLD WTS Good PI, DST and gallente Puller with 12m points

I am for sale. Can use many things and

Amarr Industrial V
Gallente Industrial V

Is puller of Gal /Min Lvl 4 missions

Have a clone in null sec, is in high sec, ccp rules, mno kill rights, have positive wallet.

Plan to sell tomorrow in the night, or friday passing DT

I dont read evemail., offer here.

6b offered

6.5 Bill

7b offered

7.5 Bill

Sold, please send ISK and acc name.

7.5 Bill ISK Transferred to Terra Roden and user account sent.

the transfer ws done one moment ago, thanks for the business.

Thanks, I have received the notification from CCP informing me of a character transfer in progress. Fly safe!

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