Selling my main: 53 m skill points

Hey guys!
I am thinking of selling my main:

Quite skillfull pilot, especially in capable hands. Good option if you are planning to fly Gallente ships.

Positive wallet and sec status. No kill rights!

I would like to get 30-35 bil

Thank you!

30 bil for the toon

open for higher bids

31b isk ready

32 bil offer

You won the auction. 32 bil bid is accepted

No reply from the buyer, still for sale

The suspense is riveting. 10 mil for sloppy seconds.

Hello! I am still eager to buy it, but can you please update your eveskillboard? It says you have revoked the acess or character has been transferred.

Also, you need to be in NPC corp.

still for sale?

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