Delete (sold)


7 bil


Please update with eveskillsboard

eveskillboard? isnt that the eveboard link?

Yup its a new tool, will be wating an updated link

Still considering selling.

9.3b offered

9.5b offer

9.750b offered


Life got in the way of this sale, taking character off market for now.

I’m ready to talk with you about price!

Cmon mate.
I’m really interested to buy your char.
Contact me pelase!
I havent played EVE for ages and i want fly on Nightmare.
For now I have time for playing but haven’t char.

If you don’t want to sell this chat just say me.
I will try to find another char and will not spam to you.
But I just want specifically this character. I really like that nickname and skill build.

Sorry for importunity.

Sorry, been away, inactive. Please mail offer.

I sell it to your mail

Offer accepted via evemail, roles dropped, in npc corp, will transfer character when receive isk and account info.

ISK and transfer info is sent!