Have no need for the pilot anymore as my interests have changed.
Open to offers, i’ll select the one that suits my fancy.

All forums rules for sales apply w/ no exceptions.

Just dropped to NPC corp
Pos wallet
Pos sec status.

97b offer


Willing to go to 110?

no sorry. good luck on ur sale

Bump. still for sale.


Bump still for sale.

Is your offer still on the table?

yep still valid

I will accept it. awaiting the funds and account name.

Checking in. Still interested?

■■■■ ye sorry will send isk details right away

No worries. As i hadnt replied to your sales post I thought I might have gotten lost in the mix. xD

isk and info sent :slight_smile:

Cheers, isk received, transfer has started.

Thank you for your business.

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