WTS 6.1M indy

I am for sale. Prospect/endurance/barges driver.
Lvl3 up to BC incl. (all nations).

NPC Corp. Clean history.
No kill rights.
Positive wallet.
No jump clones.
In the HS.

Thank You for the view.

Perhaps move this to the right sub-forum

3b bid

Deal Sir. Please send an isk to " Kyra H " so I can start the character transfer.

Kind regards.

No the char being sold must receive the isk

Ofc. As You wish. It’s my first auction for sure. So sorry for any errors. Anyway the char is ready for sale in Ammar. Atm.

Kind regards.

Ill be getting on eve in around 2 hours. sorry for delay

Isk and account info sent

Transfer paid and started to the indicated address. Thank you!

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