Please Close (auction withdrawn)
pw: qwertie

* Gallente Carrier and Fighters IV
* Gallente Cruiser and BS V
* Jump Drive Operations/Calibration V
* Logi V
* 7.5m sp in Drones
* Mining and Industrial Skills

Docked in Jita 4-4
No Killrights
+1 Security Status
Positive Wallet
100,000 unallocated sp
In npc corp (eveskillboard not updated)
Transferring with cash

Opening bids @ 40 bil

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Daily bump. I am still for sale!

I offer 35b isk, awesome pilot!

Thanks for the offer Dwight. I am afraid 40b isk is the lowest I can go based on extractor value of the character (42.9 estimate on eveskillboard)

Sent you an ingame mail.

Response sent in game. Thank you.

B u m p

Still for sale

b u m p

bumpy bump

Withdrawing auction. Please close.

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