All PvP Fleet Support - V
Gallente Carrier - V
Jump Drive Calibration / Operation / Fuel Conservation - V
All Cruiser / Destroyer - V
HIC / Logist / Recon - V

11.0m SP in Science
9.5m SP in Drones / Fighters
4.0m SP in Production

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Located in Sujarento Station
Jump Clones: LGK-VP, Nalvula
I will pay transfer fee

Starting Bid - 70bil
B/O - 85bil
Auction End - 24 feb 21:00ET

For sale

for sale

for sale

60b offer

for sale

it for sale

60b bid accepted
I’m waiting for a isk and an account to transfer the character.
I can transfer the character on February 25 or March 1

Sending ISK and account info.


Mail received

Thx you very much

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