Excellent Killboard - https://zkillboard.com/character/891650710/

All racial Destroyer / Cruiser / Battlecruiser / Battleship - V
BO / Interceptor / Command / Dictor / EAS / HAC / HIC / Logist/Recon - V
All PvP Fleet Support - V

13.6m SP in Missiles
19.6m SP in Gunnery
11.3m SP in Drones
10.8m SP in Navigation

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Located in Sujarento Station
Jump Clones: 4GQ-XQ, Akora, Uemon
I will pay transfer fee

Starting Bid - 115bil
B/O - no
Auction End - 24 feb 21:00ET

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That’s an amazing character. I’d buy in a heartbeat at 110b+. Shame about timing otherwise I’d be all over this like a rash.

daily bump


daily bump

116 bil

daily bump

116b bid accepted
I’m waiting for a isk and an account to transfer the character.
I can transfer the character on February 25 or March 1

I’ll transfer the isk in 5 hours.

isk and account info sent

I’ll transfer char in 5-6 hour.


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