Auction Closed

Selling a well-rounded capital pilot that’s specialized in Gallente Carrier/Super Carrier. Has some “OK” rorqual skills also.

  • Pilot located in highsec
  • Positive Wallet


~ 1m Unallocated SP included

Notable Skills

  • Gallente Carrier 5
  • Fighters 5
  • JDC 5
  • JFC 4
  • Amarr Carrier 4
  • Minmatar Carrier 4
  • Caldari Carrier 3
  • Capital Industrial Ships 3
  • Mining Drone Spec 4
  • Industrial Reconfiguration 4

Comes with a HG Slave (Amulet) Set (As shown on skillboard)

Currently Training Heavy Fighters 5

Starting Bid: 35b
Buyout: 48b

45b b/o if you accept ill be home in 5-6 hours

sorry i cancel

Sent you a Mail ingame.

Will be accepting Thorne’s offer. Auction closed.

Confirmed. Isk & Details Sent.

Isk recieved. Transfer initiated.

Character Received, Ty.

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