Bought this character a month back & realised I made a mistake buying it, so in the words of the last owner… Capital pilot that’s specialized in Gallente Carrier/Super Carrier. Has some “OK” rorqual skills also.

  • Pilot located in highsec
  • Positive Wallet


~ 1m Unallocated SP included

Notable Skills

  • Gallente Carrier 5
  • Fighters 5
  • Heavy Fighters 4 (Will be 5 in 5-6d of training)
  • JDC 5
  • JFC 4
  • Amarr Carrier 4
  • Minmatar Carrier 4
  • Caldari Carrier 3
  • Capital Industrial Ships 3
  • Mining Drone Spec 4
  • Industrial Reconfiguration 4

Comes with a HG Slave (Amulet) Set (As shown on skillboard)

Currently Training Heavy Fighters 5

Starting Bid: 34b
Buyout: 44b

28b offer

Sadly worth 2b less than it is to extract it, Push that number up above the starting bid & we can talk.

31 Bil

31.5B offer

Still a bit short at where I’d like bidding to be. If any of you can bring it up to 34 then we can get things started.

32 Bil

34 Bill

Accepting Noah’s offer. Auction closed.

Isk received, transfer initiated.

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