Price check on Carrier/Rorq/Dread capital pilot

Hi there. First time posting about a character, so thanks for your patience. I’d love a price check on a toon I’m considering selling.

No kill rights
3.3 Sec Status
High-Grade Amulet set
+4 training set (minus social)
Created in 2015
Total SP: 68.803,240 Character Link

Snapshot of Relevant Skills:

Jump Skills:

Spaceship Command:
Gallente Carrier: V, Minmatar Carrier: IV, Minmatar Dreadnought: V, Jump Freighters: IV, Capital Industrial Ships: III,

Fighter/Done Skills:
Fighters: V, Light Fighters: IV, Heavy Fighters: IV, Supper Fighters, IV, Fighter Hangar Management: IV, Mining Drone Operation: V, Mining Drone Specialization: IV.

Gunnery Skills:
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration: V, Capital Projectile Turret: V: Capital Arty/AC spec: I/II. Motion Prediction, Sharpshooter, Rapid Firing, Surgical StrikeV, Trajectory Analysis: all V.

Resource Processing: Capital Industrial Reconfiguration: V

Thanks so much - first time considering selling a character.

I’d offer 50bil

The sale of multiple characters in one sales thread is allowed; however, each pilot for sale must disclose all the same information as required of any other pilot, and must also post in the thread that they are for sale. This rule does not apply to single pilots; all single pilots must be the one to open the sales thread.