WTS 18m SP Subcap Pilot


Looking to sell/price check this pilot. Was originally going to do some FW on her but ended up mostly running T5s in a gila. Most of the SP is in support skills and destroyer-down size ships. Comes with a full set of mid-grade crystals and the gila Abyssal Afterglow skin. If interested let me know.


Thank you!


9.5 Bil

Please don’t offer less than I’d get draining the SP into extractors.


15b b/o

If you are selling it, can you please follow the rules of selling a character?

Sorry Geo, it has a positive isk balance, no kill rights, no jump clones, and is in Jita.

If you’re willing to go 15b I could do that.

Bump. Adding 15B B/O

10b b/o

“Please don’t offer less than I’d get draining the SP into extractors.”

-Me, 20 days ago.

Going to add that ~500plex from the character transfer cost brings the total minimum the character is worth to around 12.2b in easily sold items I could do myself in less than a few minutes and keep the 5m SP extractor toon.

15b is the least amount I would consider.

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