WTS capital pilot (79 m sp) Carrier, JF, Supercarrier BO 65 bil

I am here to sell a nice skilled character, link https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/KPeCTuK

Number of sp: 79 719 786
Born in 2008

Capital Ships V
Gallente spaceship all in V
Shields V
Navigation V
Engineering V
Armor almost V

He can fly carriers ( Chimera, Thanny) ; frighter (Charon) ; Jf (Rhea) ; and Supers (Wyvern and Nyx)

Character is in npc corp, with no kill rights, sec status is 5, wallet contains few ml isk, all ships are moved to my alt. Kpectuk is currently hanging in high sec. No jump clones available.

60 bil?

Give me 70 and I am happy to sell

sorry, cant allow that now

Can you do at least 67?

I can do 62


63.5 bil

Bo reduced 65 bil

It took me a while to collect the funds, if you can start the transfer now with cash, I will pay 65bil

sure, lets do it if you ready

isk and account information have been sent

ok, finishing my dinner and initiating transfer

ok, waiting for good news

transfer already started, sorry, forgot to post here

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