84 m cap pilot for sale BO 70b

I would like to sell capital pilot, born in 2009.

Full list of skills is presented below


Capital Ships
Command Ships
Covert Ops
Gallente Carrier

Security status +,
wallet +,
no killrights,
1 jump clones,
2 remaps available
High level agents available
Transfer paid by me

Starting bid: 65 bil
B/o 70 bil

Sounds almost too good to be true at that low price :thinking:

You think it is low? if to count that extraction value 63 bil and if to extract I have to pay Omega so it makes only 61 bil.

I ll do 65 bil

Thank you for the offer. I ve just come back from work. I need some isk for tomorrow. I will be on for a few hours and want to see if anybody would like to give me a higher bid. I let you know little later. How long will you be online? Because otherwise I would have to extract the toon.

not sure how long, just ping me here or pm

ok will do


67.5 bil

Auction will be closed in 2 hours, highest bid is 67.5 bil now

68 bil

Auction has come to the end. @KuangKinGK you win with 68 bil bid

Please be so nice to send me 68 bil and account information through eve mail. Let me know asap

isk and mail was send to MOHAX2rus