WTS 75.8mil sp capital pilot

im looking to sell my spare capital pilot

Positive wallet
No jc
Char loc in high sec

Can fly t2 cruiser amarr and gallent
gallent carrier 5
fighters 5
jump cali 5
commandships 5
amarr carrier 4

great leadership skills


60bil b/o

But open to offers so let see what you got ppl

51 bil

60 and you got a deal

Highest I’m willing to go right now is 54b

No reply?

Bump to the top still for sale b/o 60bil

Bump to the top

Show me wallet, jump clone info and location of char and I’ll make a bid

Positive wallet
He can be moved to any high sec of choice
No jump clones but wling to install 1 in high sec station

Bump to the top

Bump no one have any offers for me

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