SOLD WTS 7.2m points Pilot ( see inside ) 1.25m unallocated

Hi, i sold the other char in this account then i dont need more this char.

Have injected apital constructions and capital ship books, dread caldari and others. With the 1.25m without use you can transform him in :

  • freighter
  • orca pilot
  • booster
  • pvp
  • exhumer
  • Books capital ship construction, three fighter books, capital ships … worth 1b or more

Cyber V

The pilot is in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallet. All ccp rules apply, i am not reading the mail, answer here if interested.

I can deliver in three hours when the cooldown of 10 hours of the other pilot expire.

Offer decent and i sell

Today bump

what price are you looking for?

looking for 6.3b

I pay you 6.3b

Meet in game, i sent already thye isk and i receive the pilot in an hour aprox. Answeer when you sent.

Transfer Done. Please update when you receive the pilot.

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