WTB Low-end RORQUAL Pilot

Looking to buy a rorqual pilot with less than 24m SP. Require T2 Industrial Core, Panic and decent shield skills/JDC/CIS/MDS.


have a look if that is what you are looking for :slight_smile:

Likely too far out of my price range.





Maybe interested in him


Is rorqual, can use ANY carrier in the future if u inject the book ,already expensive books as capital shield and fighters inside and trained, dreadnought caldari books. I have no use for him now, if u offer deent i sell. I go to cinema, return in some hours.

I can offer at most 22bil

Is a sale, confirm and i transfer, ok for me.

I agree for saele myself at 22b, i pay with credit card.

I am in high sec, no killing rights. have positive wallet, all ccp rules apply.

Answer the thread and i transfer when i see the isk and account name

Sorry ive no idea why but i think i confused myself with the character, i wont be offering 22bil for him. Sorry. I understand if you feel this sounds scammy or dodgy. I believe i was looking at somebody else’s character. I am however happy to offer a bid of 17bil. My apologies.

Have just realised- was looking at your character called “Pacox” and assumed it was the same char.

This have some expènsive books but i dont need more. If u check, already decent drones and expensive books as capiutal industrial and capital ship. I transfer by credit card.

Can sell it for 17.5, you are NOT spending 1.5b of the books, and have others included.

17.5 and deal ?

I am happy to purchase at 17.5 bil. Will send ISK and account name soon.

Ok please answer the thread and i deliver around 20 min later.

Account name and isk sent. Awaiting transfer.

Transfer done.

Character Received. A pleasure doing business with you.

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