WTS 65M SP multiple Cap pilot


After receiving a valuation of 48-65Bill in a previous thread ( Please price-check me 65Mil SP Char ) I have decided to list for sale. Can fly numerous capital ships, JF, and is skilled in many subcaps as well.

Starting Bid: 52 Billion ISK.
Buyout: When I get a comfortable amount higher than 52 Bil. I’m not looking to make this last for weeks so I’m not going to squeeze this for every last ISK.

Wallet Balance 0isk
All clones in High Security space in stations
No Kill Rights

Thanks and happy bidding.

52 bil

Redacted - Bedtime. Talk in 8 hours.

54 bil

54 Bil accepted from Maizie Fields. Will transfer when ISK arrives.

Thanks BossII, the ISK and account information has been sent.

Transfer has started. Pleasure doing business with you!

Transfer confirmed, likewise!

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