WTS: 166m Cap pilot

Looking to sell the following

166M SP
762.000 unallocated SP
4 remaps available
Capital ship expert (Gallente titan 5)
All Fleet Support & Navigation skills at level 5
Positive wallet Balance
No kill rights
Jump clones in Empire and 0.0
Character located in Empire


Send me your offers
Looking for 100-150bil

120b offer

123b offer

Current highest bid offer is 123b. I’ll close the auction this Wednesday (30 Sep 2020) if there are no additional offers


125B! This is such a great character to use!!

auction will be closed at 8:00 US EST time 30 Sep. Current high bid is 125b

Winning bid is 125b.

Sellena Rockefeller - Please transfer the funds and provide the account name

123b offer

Character has been Sold

Thanks for waiting while I sold my items :slight_smile: I hope to do your character justice!

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