WTS 5.2 mil SP Pi and SP farm toon

(Mavrick420) #1



He is in an NPC corp not sure why it hasn’t adjusted.

Has 2 +5 implants (perception, willpower) and 2 +4 implants (Wisdom, memory)
Decent PI skills
good starter toon
Amarr destroyer 5

can be a great starter toon

6 Bil B’O

ALL CCP rules apply

(TheBank Manager) #2

4b isk

(Mavrick420) #3

5 bil and its yours

(TheBank Manager) #4

4.1 because it has no remap…

(Brock Khans) #5

Just a note about eveskillboard and the API in general, the endpoint that returns remap info has a seperate value for Bonus vs Normal. For the normal remaps it has a last date used (I think), which means I could make an assumption of them having one available or not, but I’d rather not get that wrong and be on the line.

So its best to confirm with the seller if any Normal remaps are available despite Bonus Remaps showing 0 on eveskillboard

(Mavrick420) #6

he has 1 remap availible no bonus

(TheBank Manager) #7

4.75 last offer

(Mavrick420) #8

5 bil is my bottom line

he has 2 +5 perception and willpower, and 2 +4 implants

(Mavrick420) #9

and i will xfer right now, via plex transfer

(TheBank Manager) #10

Let me know if want 4,75
Else goodluck

(Brock Khans) #11

So I totally lied, the yearly remap data is returned via ESI now that I look closer, and is now displayed on the skillboard above the Bonus Remaps. Just pushed the changed, so in the next ~3 hours when all characters get updated, the ones that still have valid tokens will correctly show it!

(Mavrick420) #12

daily bump still for sale

(Postal Ryder) #13

4.8b isk and transfer ready now

(TheBank Manager) #14

4,85 b/o

(Postal Ryder) #15

4.9 isk ready

(TheBank Manager) #16

4,95 b

(Mavrick420) #17

so neither of you have still reached my min b/o of 5 bil,

(Postal Ryder) #18

5b b/o isk ready now

(TheBank Manager) #19

5.1 b/o there :stuck_out_tongue:

(Postal Ryder) #20

lol Banker how far u wanna go here? 5.15 b/o