WTS Revelation starter 15msp

(Hastrok) #1

I wanna sell my alt , take a look and make your offer !
All CCP rules will be followed


Thanks !

WTB Dread Pilot - No longer looking Plz close thread!
(Maizie Fields) #3

9 billion

(Hastrok) #4

Im back into the game after a while and need some isk , don’t rly know how much they go for these days …

Make your offer

(Hastrok) #6

We are getting close !

(Johny Rambo) #7

Does the character have 2 bonus remap and one normal remap?

(Hastrok) #8

I acsualy don’t know now , the account is not online atm … is there another way to check it maybay that I don’t know ?

(Hastrok) #9

haha nevermind , its only 1 acc at the timeofc :slight_smile:

(Hastrok) #10

Yes 1 remap now and 2 bonus

(Johny Rambo) #11

Offer agreed in-game, sent isk and account name

(Hastrok) #12

isk and account info received but small problem , mailing you

(Hastrok) #13

like agreed in game will start transfer before 20.00 EVE time

Toon sold

(system) #14

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