94.7million SP
1.7 million SP unallocated!
Full virtue scanning implants worth 1.6b+
2x remaps available
Many skills nicely distributed:

No killrights
No bad standings
Will be located in Jita
Positive isk etc etc

Reluctant to sell but need to lose a account and need iskies so…
Start bid: 90b
Buyout: 100b

85 bil

Made a correction on the SP, sorry about that.

Please observe start bid ^^ thanks

80bill b/o

81bill here


Thanks for offers but:
Start bid: 90b
Buyout: 100b

Still for sale

87 bil

Have a good weekend everyone, still looking for offers. :beers:

88 bil

Pretty sure my extraction value is above 95b, so still for sale…

could I 91bil but i will use other character(my friend)to pay?

90.5 bil

Hi R.B.,

I’ve sent you a proposal in-game.

95B,Contact me in the game


97b from WA-WA Toper accepted.
Send isk and account name to transfer to.


For sale ?