Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
In NPC corp FNA.
Docked in Jita 4-4.
Sec status 0.0
NO jump clones
All Implants 5+
slot 6: EG-605
slot 9: SS-605 “GUNSlinger”-Surgical Strike
I ll pay transfer fee

Total Skillpoints: 18.370.364 SP

Starting bid: 18 billon

Daily bump !


Daily bump !

12b offer

12.5b offer

13b offer

13.5b offer

14b offer

TY Very much Guys
18 billons buyout
Daily bump

15b offer

Thank you Bro but…
… i need lil bit more

First who offer 18 bil ll take this char even other offer more.

how many resmaps ? currently configured for ?

excuse me ? dont understand

Is your character REMAP specialized to int/mem ? per /wil ?


18bil b/o now

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So U won Vittoria . TY for your offer
Waiting ingame mail and isk transfer

1 remap now ready Perseption Willpower

just woke up, sorry…going ingame now

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Dont Hurry . I will be here 6 hours.

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Vittoria Harkonnen
I did not receive ingame letter and i did not receive isk.
GTG to work/ will be tomorrow late.