SOLD! Mods please delete thanks!
NPC corp
Positive Wallet but less than 1 mill Isk
No Kill rights
No Implants
Bonus Remaps: 1
Yearly Remap 11 months from now
Skill Points 5813579
5 Billions for me

sorry,just forgot to add the password

I’ll bid 4.0b

I want to wait a little longer.

4.5b here.

Confirm, i am for Sale

Today’s Bump


4.5b bid accepted. In-game mail sent.

Sweet, will accept when I get home to a PC that can open EVE.

no problem

Hey, uh I don’t see any ingame mail on Isaac Galang…

I don’t see any ingame mail, but I’m sending a mail with account name and the ISK.

sorry,I have not been online yet.

Oh okay, fair enough. ISK sent to your character just now

isk received

Sweet, let’s do this.

edit: going offline, will just check the post when I get the chance

I need to transfer the account name to the email
Starting with p?

Transfer Initiated

Yeah it starts with p, what does it look like? I have multiple accounts attached. And thanks for starting the transfer!