SOLD! Mods please delete thanks!

(Ahuai Y) #1
NPC corp
Positive Wallet but less than 1 mill Isk
No Kill rights
No Implants
Bonus Remaps: 1
Yearly Remap 11 months from now
Skill Points 5813579
5 Billions for me

WTB 6 Pure VNI / Ishtar Toons! No wasted SP please
WTB Ishtar/VNI pilot
(Ahuai Y) #2

sorry,just forgot to add the password

(Risien Drogonne) #3

I’ll bid 4.0b

(Ahuai Y) #4

I want to wait a little longer.

(Isaac Galang) #5

4.5b here.

(Ahuai Y) #8

Confirm, i am for Sale

(Ahuai Y) #9

Today’s Bump

(Ahuai Y) #10


(Ahuai Y) #11

4.5b bid accepted. In-game mail sent.

(Isaac Galang) #12

Sweet, will accept when I get home to a PC that can open EVE.

(Ahuai Y) #13

no problem

(Isaac Galang) #14

Hey, uh I don’t see any ingame mail on Isaac Galang…

(Isaac Galang) #15

I don’t see any ingame mail, but I’m sending a mail with account name and the ISK.

(Ahuai Y) #16

sorry,I have not been online yet.

(Isaac Galang) #17

Oh okay, fair enough. ISK sent to your character just now

(Ahuai Y) #18

isk received

(Isaac Galang) #19

Sweet, let’s do this.

edit: going offline, will just check the post when I get the chance

(Ahuai Y) #20

I need to transfer the account name to the email
Starting with p?

(Ahuai Y) #21

Transfer Initiated

(Isaac Galang) #22

Yeah it starts with p, what does it look like? I have multiple accounts attached. And thanks for starting the transfer!