WTS Myself 6.7mil SP PI/Manufacturing/Reaction

WTS Myself

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Erza_Scarllett pass 1234

Positive wallet

10 reaction slot’s, 10 production slot’s can Do PI.

Cybernetic’s 5 has + 5 implant’s and industry implant’s (500mil worth of implant’s).
Currently maxing out all attributes on 29 int + 29 mem

Current highest Bid 4bil

5.5b buyout.

Awesome name :] Let me know what you would like to offer thanks.

This would be a great toon to have but at this moment all I can is ~3.5B

Thank you for your offer, but I was looking for a bit more.

I have some orders on the market I could pull off, take a loss but scrape some more isk for a little more. Would 4B do it? I’d really appreciate it. I never tried production and PI but I’d like to. I noticed that you have no bonus remaps. Do you still have the yearly one available? Thanks!

Oop’s for some reason I thought I had it available, next remap is 2018:12:08 20:51:17, it’s currently sitting with perfect stats on memory and int which is great for science / production / engineering / subsystems / armor / shield / targeting / electronic system’s / scanning / rigging / neural enhancement / resource processing / PI.

I was looking for something like 5.5b but no rush, no need to make a loss on your sales man :] selling 2 similar char’s soon as well, just waiting for some production to finish on them.


Since you don’t have a remap available till the end of the year, I’ll offer you 5bil, I’m online now.

I’ll gladly accept your offer :] I’ll be logged in, in about 10min then you can contact me in game.

Isk sent and account info sent via evemail.

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I see. Those are interesting toons as well but I guess you are looking for more than 4B as well :slight_smile: Oh, I was getting excited … well if you reconsider, 4B for this toon or really any of the 3 toons I’d be grateful. Meanwhile I’ll try to work some magic and get some isk in the bank … I’ll be on a little longer. Cheers!

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Isk received and Erza Scarllett has been transferred :]

Confirmed, got the e-mail that it is processing. Fly safe!


Another player is transferring the character Erza Scarllett to your account named zzzzzzzzzzzz

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on the sender account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

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Congratulation for the sale
Would you take 5B for Aldmari ? I’ll just need more time to come up with the isk.

I was looking for 6.5b for aldmari, but I can hold it for you if you want her for that price. Guess I should log out of this char on forums lol.

To clarify is that a yes for 5B? Since you sold this char what is the best contact for you now?

Not for 5, aldmari has more sp and has 6 caldari standings as well to reduce tax. I’d be willing to hold it for you for 6b if your fine with that. Another option is for me to extract 1mil sp from her and then offer her to you for 5b if that is a better option for you (as then she would have similar sp to erza), you can choose which skill’s get extracted that you don’t wan’t on her.

You can contact aldmari :]

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