I am for sale, PI/Reaction/Industry Alt

7.15mil SP
Hi this is my skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Androniko Pass 1234
Positive Wallet
1 Bonus Remap
Location: Jita in about 10min
2.45mil in Planet Management (PI)
Adv Mass Production IV
Adv Mass Reaction IV
Cybernetic’s V + 3X L5 Attribute implant’s + 3x L5 industry Implant’s (worth 500mil-600mil)
Almost clean Killboard only 1x 3mil death.
Buyout 7b
Starting up to you :]

Hope who ever get’s the char turn’s him into the next legend :smiley: Thanks.

Password is 1234 for thoose that want to look at character. :wink:

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Oops thanks.

start you at 5b

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5.5b isk ready

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6.1b isk ready


Who ever is highest when I come home from work will have him :] About 14 hour’s from now.

6.5 Billions

looks like a really usefull char for me
i will be online tonight … online arround 19:30 EVE Time … arround that



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I’ll accept the 6.5

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I’m logged in Send me your details and ill start the transfer :slight_smile:

isk and info for the account sent

Isk Received Begining transfer.

Transfer Successful hope you enjoy the character Juur :slight_smile:

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cool thing thank you!!!

got a mail from CCP … transfer has started

got the char … thanks!!

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