WTS 43.5 million SP industry toon

WTS 43 .5 million Ore reprocessing / boosting toon, ice harvesting to 5, Charon pilot, Exhumer , Cap builder, Superb PI skills, retail and trade both at level 5., great drone skills too! Can even fly a bowhead for fitted ship transportation!

825 000 unallocated SP

currently conveniently sitting Jita V11 M2 - no implants

asking 40 billion starting price

ooops and this … https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/andromeda_incarnate

Can you post a Skill Board? I’m interested in reprocessing skills.

sorry for my absent mindedness, eve skill-board link now posted

@David_Cavalera you will see most reprocessing is at 4, although Bistot is at 5. Place an implant in her head and you won’t notice the difference between 4 and 5.

Most I could do for this character is 35B - a little too all over the shop with skills, etc.

nope, I have already been offered 36B with a view to negotiate upwards but I preferred more.

looking for a starter offer…Charon pilot alone ferried many many billions!

thank you @Maizie_Fields for your 37.5 Bill offer, I accept… please proceed to deposit funds to Andromeda and I shall begin the transfer for you

Edit: Confirming the purchase. ISK and account information has been sent.

confirmed the sum of 37.5 billion isk has been received by this account. I shall proceed with the transfer immediately as per in game mail.

Thank you for your honest and straightforward business

confirming ticket # 940512 has been lodged with support to initiate the character transfer

Thanks andromeda, I’ll post when the character is received. It’s been a pleasure to do business with you!

Character received in good order. Thanks, a.i.!

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