Price check - 18M+ SP capital builder + ore reprocessing

(PresidentTrump theGreatest) #1

Price check please on 18M+ SP capital builder + ore reprocessing toon. Toon has the reprocessing implant as well.

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  • Date of Birth: 2017-02-04

Might consider selling it if the price is right.


(Captainamazing) #2

13.5b bo isk ready online now

(PresidentTrump theGreatest) #3

ty Captainamazing, bump it to 15b and character is yours.

(Seddow) #4

14.25 Ready Right now

(PresidentTrump theGreatest) #5

Ty Seddow, it’s so close to 15b! Can you do 15? I’ll be online in the next 2 hours so if yes, can initiate character transfer as soon as I get the isk and account info.

(PresidentTrump theGreatest) #7

@Seddow leading with 14.25b!
Buy Out at 15bill

(PresidentTrump theGreatest) #9

@captaisend Isk and account info pls.

(PresidentTrump theGreatest) #11

Character transfer initiated!

(PresidentTrump theGreatest) #12

Actually can you please double check the account name you sent me? I get an error of
“Target user not found or not active!”

(Seddow) #14

Try now. with new username mailed.

(PresidentTrump theGreatest) #15

Character transfer initiated! Please reply here when done to close thread. To Captain, Seddow backed out.

(system) #16

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