Perfect PI character, 4.6m SP

Selling PI character

  • All Planetary Management skills to 5
  • Enough skills to fly Caldari industrial to ferry your stuff from the planet
  • In high-sec
  • In NPC corp
  • No kill rights
  • Positive wallet balance

3B seems like good starting point

3 bil isk ready

Thanks for the offer. I’m gonna wait a couple days for more bids if you don’t mind

I respect that :slight_smile: Do you have a price in mind? I was hoping to catch a toon this weekend but haven’t been able to.

I’ve seen some PI toon sold last year with 5.4m SP for 5.2b so I would be happy with 4.5b

Ok, I will up my offer. Maybe last year it was different, but currently people are paying approx 750mil per 1mil SP so I’ll offer you 3.5b

I’m hoping for a bit more, what about we meet in the middle - 4b ?

3.7 as there are a heap of untouched skills including cybernetics. I’m going to have to inject SP into the toon to get him up to scratch but appreciate what you have done with him so far.

Sale closed.

Please give this a read before reopening your sale thread.