WTB PI Toons

What the title states.

Looking for toons:
- PI and scanning pilot,

Please post your offers below.

Brian Kazuko Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com) can you follow this link. if so can this count as a pi alt. skill highlights include

cmd cnter upgrades 4 and evasive manuvering 5 spaceship cmd 5
cybernetics 5
can eject from current corp as soon as i get a reply
he is parked in jita.

asking 5bill minimum.

Sorry, looking for something else.


I can offer 3B for your character


Not currently in NPC corp but could be. Very specialized Paladain AND Vargur focused toon.
37M SP (1M Available SP) looking for 40B

Bump, still looking for PI toons!

Is this what you’re looking for? Character Sheet

hi, i can give you the offer your looking for 5 bill

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