WTB a lot of PI Toons only focused on PI Skills

Topic says offfer me all PI Toon u got. dont need any other SKills. give me a eve Board Link and name me your Price.

can hold up to 14 Toons for the moment so if u got a large amount of this toons mail me or post here


Out of eve for some time now, when I was into pi this was the dude.

What’s a guy like this worth these days? don’t know but I bet its still 20 bucks to transfer.

let me know if this ticks the boxes

can Offer you 8Billio ISK, got the ISK Ready to send if u accept

how bout 10

cant go higher then 8,2B cause i dont need the other skills, so had to extrac or something else with them, cause i only need a pure PI toon

so you would want me to extract all but pi?

you could do it or i can do it what ever u prefer :slight_smile:

Still searching for Max /Near max PI Pilots

still searching for your toons :slight_smile:

Still searching for your toons :slight_smile:

Still searching :slight_smile:

Still searching for your PI Toons bring them out and sell them :slight_smile:

Still searching for your great toons :slight_smile:

still searching for some PI toons, give me what u got :slight_smile:

I’ll post you one tonight ustz



It would be a plex transfer so whatever that costs? Otherwise I’m gonna biomass so not to worried

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