WTB PI alt(s)

(Mr Soyjuicesux) #1

Looking to buy 1-2 PI alts, fully skilled in the required PI skills, including Customs Code Expertise. I absolutely do not care about any other skills.

I will update post if my needs change.

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #2

i have one with all important pi skill to V like ICV and CCUV 5.2 mill sp offers can fly industrila ships and cloak

(Mr Soyjuicesux) #3


(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #4


(Mr Soyjuicesux) #5

2 bil

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #6

i make 1.4bill with him in pi you think i would let it go for that hahah bump

(Doogan Algaert) #7

The transfer fee is almost worth 2bil, so really not sure what you expect here.