WTB PI Toon(s)

i try it this way - maybe someone want to sell a PI alt

must have:
Interplanetary Consolidation lvl 5 + Command Center Upgrades lvl 5

nice to have: (lower skill level is ok too)
Planetology lvl 4 + Advanced Planetology 4 + Remote Sensing lvl 4 + Gallente Industrial lvl 2 or 3
this should be arround ~2 million sp less or more

everything else is not interessting … i dont care about skins (flys only epithal), implants (will not skill anything or at least anything big), injected skills (can have all skills injected but will not train one of them), toons dob (2003 char? 2006 char? does this brings more PI?), male/female …
if something like this is in the toon you sell nice but i will not pay extra for that because i dont need it

thanks to the forum maybe i am lucky


up again - still looking for PI alts

there musst be some unused PI alts out there
so many extracted chars and no PI skills???

nothing? really?

hmm … no extracted alt out there???

ok … i guess this is a no … no pi toons for sell …

I have 2 I can sell, but they only don’t have the Consolidation to V.

Ping me if you want more info and I can make eveboards

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