[WTB] .. hey SP Extracter guys

hey guys

when you next time extract a character you could maybe leave the PI skills in there
i want to buy a PI char
Gallente Industrial 3 or higher
Interplanetary Consolidation 5
Command Center Upgrades 5
Remote Sensing 3 or higher
Planetology 3 or higher
Advanced Planetology 3 or higher
Cloaking 1 or higher
rest of the sillpoints you have to leave in the char would be cool on Engeneering

yea now to the really important stuff:
year of birth: i dont care
male/female: i dont care
implants & skins: i dont care
name: is not that important but I do not want a name that violates the eula and/or is “bad” taste

you have to leave 5 million sp in the char anyways so maybe you sell me such a char … would be really cool
you can write here or contact me ingame



still looking for a char …

no extracted toon arround for me?
come on dont biomass it … sell it …

nothing? really nothing? you guys just biomass the extracted char?

A big issue for you is that PI skills are best trained with the same remap as Cybernetics, so often these PI skills are farmed for extraction.

It should take less than 2 months to train what you need, which work out cheaper than buying a toon from here, unless you want it ready for farming too…

i want it for PI … this toon will not skill anything …
when i look in the skill i think cybernetics 4 is not really required … will take it out
i have 2 skillqueues running in this account and i dont want a 3rd … so …


i saw that some of this extracted toons have the PI skills injected but they allways were extracted

maybe a toon with “near” the skills i look for??


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