WTB miner/PI toon

LF a mining/PI toon, dont need/want combat skills, budget is 25b, lets see what you have. post eveboard and asking price

Indy skills would be acceptable as well

Maybe I am a pilot for you?

I am for sale. Give me an offer :slight_smile:


My max budget is 25b idk if you would consider that if so I have isk ready

I can do 25 :slight_smile:

Confirm all CCP rules apply and you pay transfer cost and I will send isk and account info

I confirm all CCP rules apply and I will start transfer when i receive the ISK and account name

isk and account info sent

Please confirm receipt of isk and account info and post when transfer started please. Thank you

Transfer has been started and isk has been received

received confirmation of transfer thanks for the quick easy deal

Thanks you too!

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