WTB miner/PI toon


(Trade Primative) #1

LF a mining/PI toon, dont need/want combat skills, budget is 25b, lets see what you have. post eveboard and asking price

(Trade Primative) #2

Indy skills would be acceptable as well

(Cindy Wallker) #3

Maybe I am a pilot for you?

I am for sale. Give me an offer :slight_smile:


(Trade Primative) #4

My max budget is 25b idk if you would consider that if so I have isk ready

(Cindy Wallker) #5

I can do 25 :slight_smile:

(Trade Primative) #6

Confirm all CCP rules apply and you pay transfer cost and I will send isk and account info

(Cindy Wallker) #7

I confirm all CCP rules apply and I will start transfer when i receive the ISK and account name

(Trade Primative) #8

isk and account info sent

(Trade Primative) #9

Please confirm receipt of isk and account info and post when transfer started please. Thank you

(Cindy Wallker) #10

Transfer has been started and isk has been received

(Trade Primative) #11

received confirmation of transfer thanks for the quick easy deal

(Cindy Wallker) #12

Thanks you too!

(system) #13

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