BUYING ALL low skill miners / PI / INDY

show me your toons.
price could negotiable.

WTS orca/transport toon 15.95mil sp - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

cool, how much donyou want? i can call 8bil, but negociate

8.75bil possible?

Hmm meet at 8.5bil, how about that?

thatll work

Kay then, i can send isk near DT , im out for work now

no problem, evemail info and will get toon set

Still buying, and i also keep on my eyes here

isk and account info sent

doing things now. eta 10 mins

transfer complete, take care!

Thanks, and BUMP!


5.0m SP Indy character that has been in same corp since 2009. Positive wallet, sec status, etc.


Accepted. I will drop corp when I get home for work (3-4 hours) and he’ll be ready for transfer. Send ISK when you feel comfortable along with account name.

He is sitting in Jita 4-4.

Isk and acc info sent. Thank you

Hello. I have the perfect mining indu reprocess orca pilot. With even fleet compression and mining director. Can mine and drive every indu.

Minimum 14b (spent a lot of money of expensive skills…