[SOLD] 24.9M SP Combined Mining and Trade alt

Ok, let’s see… It’s been a while.
SkilllBoard link: Tizures Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Will sell with 1M ISK in the wallet
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
Has 4x +5 Skill Training-related implants, for all attributes except Charisma. And a -5% CPU Need for Mining Upgrade Modules Implant in slot 10.

Neural Remap is available now, as well as one Bonus.

No note-worthy standings, Lowest is Guristas Pirates at -0.88, best is 0.45 for Caldari State.

0.0 Security status.

over 3M unallocated SP
24,905,755 Total SP (I just cashed in two SP Rewards, this will be reflected on the link soon.

Can be a great Hulk pilot tomorrow with that unallocated SP, Exhumer skill already injected.

Existing trade details, 141 max open orders, ask range: 20j, bid range: 20j, modification range: 20j, remote bid range: region. base broker fee: 3.00%

Bids start at 15.5B or else I’d extract and sell the SP for ISK at no personal real dollar cost.

I"ll offer 15.5B

I recognize your offer of 15.5B, if I don’t see an offer of 15.75B or greater within 48 hours, you’ve got a deal.

My offer may or may not be here in 48 hours, just depends on what else comes along in that time frame, I’m looking for something with less SP and more mining focused, just FYI.

I’m very open to reducing SP and relisting with a lower cost, My goal is to make the value of the SP (which is roughly 12.5B for what I can pull out and sell) plus 3 or more billion to compensate the fact that compared to selling SP on the market, the character sale requires $20USD.

So for instance, if you wanted me to pull out specific skills and reduce down to 15mil SP or so, I’d want about 10B isk, a slight increase on the per SP to make up for the work of selling all those injectors slowly to preserve my value.

It’s not my first preference, because of the work, but I’m open to something like that if it doesn’t place me at too high a risk in the event you pull out of a deal of that nature.

Or you can just do it for 15.5B Buyout, I’m good with that :smiley:

I’m generally only ever good with extraction price + about 2.5-3b to cover the $20, so removing SP won’t really change much in the ratio for me.

I’ve re-evaluated… I was close but with an update to my spread sheet I realize that I can actually make 15.4B just from extractions… so to lose $20USD when I could just do the work myself, I will be waiting for higher offers, or reducing my own SP and trying again on an updated post.

Does your spreadsheet take taxes into account, because the delta for extraction is only about 300-325mil per injector right now…so not sure where you are getting 15.4B…

29.5 - 5 = 24.5
24.5 * 2 = 39
39 * 325m = 12.675B

If you think you can get 15.4B somehow though, I’d totally do that as well

My offer will stand until another character comes along though

After much excel fun… i can’t argue, I’d built in my own 3bil ish budget and finally found where that static entry existed. If you are still interested, I’m game to sell the toon to you at your earliest confirmation.

Yup, I’m good, I’ll send isk and account info in the next few minutes

ISK and Account Info sent

Received, soon as I’m off a RL call I will get that transfer started!

Transfer in progress!

received the confirmation email, thank you!

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