[SOLD] -- WTS 16M Skillpoints (2.2M unallocated)

EveSkillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Tortfeasor

Character has +5 implants in slots 1-4.
Docked in the Jita trade hub and in NPC corp.
Security status is 0.0 . NPC corp/faction standings are unchanged from character creation. No killboard. No kill rights.

16,248,400 SP, out of which 2,243,480 are unallocated!
Neural remap is available now. 2 bonus remaps are also available.

Positive isk balance and meets all transfer requirements. I pay the transfer fees. Will consider bids of 9B and up. 13B buyout.


Daily bump for 5/16.


Make it 9.5 and we’ve got a deal.

I will do 9.5 if can do this now

Works for me. Send isk and account info.

Isk and account info sent

isk received. Starting transfer now.

“You have chosen to transfer the character Tortfeasor to the account named [xxxxxx]”


Thanks! Notice of transfer received

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