*SOLD* SOLD*SOLD* WTS 143mil SP Character

143mil SP Character

Unallocated SP 2,213,993


Full set of +5 Improved Implants

2 Bonus Remaps Available

Maxed Science Skills

Wallet has positive balance

No kill rights on character

4 jump clones located in Highsec space - Advanced Infomorph Psychology Level 5

Currently in NPC Corp

Character currently located in Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

All character bazaar rules apply and I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

I pay the transfer fees.

Starting Bid is 100B

117bil here

unallocated sp are included in total skillpoints as far as i know

That’s correct. Unallocated skill points are included in the total skillpoints.
Thank you for your bid.


122 bil

123 bil

124 bil

125 bil

Thank you for your bids.
Looking for a 130 bil buyout.

126 bil

127 bil

128 bil

129 bil

Final call
Do I hear 130 bil ?

Going once.
Going twice…

130 bil

Maizie Fields bid is accepted. Character transfer initiated.

Contact initiated in game. Will send ISK and account information upon your reply ;=)

Edit: Thanks for the reply, ISK and account info has been sent!

ISK received. Character is sold.

Transfer confirmed, thanks Tasiku!

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