(SOLD) 43M Pilot/Industry with 37.5M Unallocated

(DarkSmirk) #1

Can be focused into any type pilot you want with 37.5Mil unallocated points
Link shows what he is trained in, I used him to move my Caldari Super around.
He is what he is not focused on anything at the moment.

He sits in Jita, message me with any questions.

Positive Wallet, No Kill Rights, No Jump Clones, Character is in Jita

(Maizie Fields) #2


(Lordy Gratson) #3


(ISD Max Trix) #4

Please include all information required by Section C

(Dancul1001) #5

65b BO

(DarkSmirk) #6

65b high bid, will sell to highest bidder in the next 2 days

(Dancul1001) #7

anyway we can get this done today gonna be traveling soon

(DarkSmirk) #8

65B excepted send isk and I will transfer

(Dancul1001) #9

isk and deets sent

(DarkSmirk) #10

ok doing it now

(DarkSmirk) #11

Description: 1 x EVE Character transfer @ 20.00 USD = 20.00 USDTOTAL = 20.00 USD

(Dancul1001) #12

char received