WTS 44 mil SP focused Naglfar pilot, with extra quality of life skills!

Selling my alt. http://eveboard.com/pilot/Calicondoin
Starting price. 38bil
B/O: 43bil or surprise me

Positive wallet
Located in Hi-Sec
No kill Rights
+5 Training Implant Clone
1 Skill injector included to finish a few skills

Minmatar Dread lvl V
T2 Siege
All gunnery support skills at lvl V

All Jump Drives skills at lvl V

Minmatar Blops lvl IV

PI skills for easy passive income.

I will pay all transfer costs on a successful bid.
Please respond on this topic, thanks :slight_smile:


You can’t include assets as part of the sale btw (i.e the skill injector). I believe unallocated SP is ok though


35 bil


I’ll give you the 35.5

Noted the above. Bump!



Willing to sell this character today, let me know if you are still interested!

Could do 32.7B right now… Otherwise, good luck.


Okay ill accept Aurora Sustrai’s bid of 36bill.

Please send account name and isk so i can begin the transfer.

ISK and Account Name sent sorry for the slow response

Just woken up, will start the transfer shortly.

Isk and account name recieved, transfer started. Thanks

Email recieved thanks :slight_smile:

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