WTS 43,3 mil SP Naglfar pilot (perfect, focused, no wasted SP)

Selling my alt.
Starting price. 38bil
B/O: 43bil or surprise me

  • Positive wallet
  • Located in Hi-Sec
  • No kill Rights
  • Extra expensive skill books injected
  • 2 implant sets:
  1. Full CA Genolution set + extra
  2. Training implants (Improved)

Since EVEboard is not updating the skills status very fast , I’m uploading the screenshots from game.
Down below. (Will post EveBoard link later when it will be updated)
If I missed something please ask me here in comments or in game.

Hi, I offer 41bil. Isk ready now.

42 bil

43bil isk ready now.

44 bil ISK ready

If you will not confirm your bid in 10 min, I will sell it to the highest bidder.

Sorry pal I forgot to retract my bid. I found another character. Good luck!

Anyway it is good toon!

As discussed in game, Andron Kalaider has accepted my bid of 43bil and I am transfering isk and account name.

ISK confirmed, account name received, transferring toon.

I have not yet recieved the character, can you confirm it has left your account? Cheers.

it’s done

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