SOLD [WTS] 24.24m SP - 4.3 to Allocate. Naglfar ready**

Wallet Balance: 0 ISK
Kill Rights: N/A
Jump Clones: N/A
Carachter Location: Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navey Assembly Plant
CORP: Brutor Tribe 2008.07.10 06:06 to this day (4017 Days)
Security Status: -0.1
No Faction Relations. At All.

Unallocated SP: 4,352,250
Capital Projectile Turrets: lvl 5

Skillboard Sheet here:

This character was a side project to run a capital, no longer needed.

NOTE: Naglfar is flyable with 3 days training, or by applying unused skillpoints *

How much do you want for this character?

As Much as I can get for it really. Buyout $35b? Ono.

Your pilot have 24m SP not 28m. Unallocated SP are in total amount SP. Log on your pilot and check it on your own.

20bil bid

23 bil

24 bil

This is incorrect, unallocated SP is not included in total SP (and if you hover over the SP # on eveskillboard it’ll tell you that)

I offer 26 Billion ISK

26.5b and im online all night

@Arc_Hammer your right, just checked on my own pilot.

I’m sorry for my mistake.


28.5b cold hard cash m8

28.6 @illustrati

30Bil and can pay now

30.1 BID


Thanks for pointing out my mistake. Will fix.

Bidding will close Sunday 14th at 5pm NZST(+12)
Which equates to these times depending on region (thought it might help some people)
Sunday 14th 5am UTC
Saturday 13th 10pm PDT (-7)


@Specialist_Terrence If I don’t get any more bids by the end of the day my time, I’m happy to sell the toon to you. Cheers

Sold to Specialist Terrence